Simple Ways to Create Your Own Graffiti Styles

Graffiti art is basically all about drawing styles varied from funky, classic, or even abstract styles, depending on the artists’ taste and purpose. However, to create your own graffiti styles is not as easy as when we look at the artist doing the graffiti. Regarding this matter, a primary thing you need to do is to catch the feeling and get the style which really stands for your interest. Should you need some tips, here are some easy ways you can follow in order to create your own graffiti styles.

Graffiti Styles

Prepare some things you may need, such as markers, sketchbook, and some spray paints. Then, check out some graffiti styles commonly made around your place, or any graffiti sample your find interesting. You can either check them online, for example at, or check the real graffiti paintings around your place.

Graffiti Alphabet Styles

From this observation, try to get some basic points which are, probably, like how the basic shapes of graffiti lettering, colors to use, and other combinations supporting this artful design. Then, develop your own tag. You can start probably from your own name or just any short sentence you prefer. Practice making the tag several times in the sketchbook.

Try to use several styles and shapes until you really find the best lettering style which is appropriate to create your own graffiti styles later. Once you get it unique and fit, then practice drawing the tags again until you find it quick and precise. Also, try to improve some other combinations like overlapping letters, mixing colors, and so forth. Keep a careful way to improve your skill more. After trying with some tags, you can create your own graffiti styles by adding character image on besides your tags.

Graffiti Alphabet Styles

This way, you will expand the whole set of graffiti making. The following way to perfect your skill is to learn colors for graffiti. Get more inspiration to give more ideas. As the time goes and makes you practice a lot you will really get skilled to create your own graffiti styles.