Types of Graffiti Markers – Which Type Do You Prefer?

Prior to drawing graffiti, many graffiti artists have to deal with graffiti markers selection. The most common type of graffiti marker is spray paint because it is controllable to spread colors and also quickly dry. This way has been widely applied even since the old days. In fact, such permanent markers are actually disadvantageous. To select the best markers, learn the types of graffiti markers as what follows.

Painting 3D Graffiti

Cutter. It is a small felt-tipped marker, loaded with ink or paint. It is useful for drawing small details, especially the details with multi colors. The tip is beveled, easing the users to make sloping edges. Cutters are available in both colorful and empty choices, letting you choose either you will use the available colors or customize your own colors.

Broad tip. This type of graffiti marker has wide rectangular tip which lets the users make broad paint and dark lines. The tip is 2.25 inches wide which is good for medium sized tags; yet lacking since it easily runs out of ink. Anyhow, broad tip markers can work well on metal or wood surface.

Broad Tip

Metal Tip. This type of graffiti marker is actually a metal with a ball in the center. The design is a bit similar to a giant ball point pen. It is also a bit difficult to use since even the professional artists cannot work on it well unless they have good control over the amount of paint delivering in drawing the graffiti.

Metal Tip
Mop Tip. It is good to deliver wide and dark lines, but only working the best for circular shapes. The mop tip has fibrous brush, able to deliver opaque lines. Unfortunately, this fibrous brush leaves bristles which can only make dust or dirt on the graffiti surface area.

Squeeze Markers. The marker is made from a soft and squeezable plastic, which can be equipped with any kinds of tips. It also comes in a variety of shapes and sizes.
Squeeze Markers

Now, consider your need and choose the best types of graffiti markers for your best creation.