Make Up Your Types of Graffiti Alphabets

Graffiti generally employs various types of graffiti alphabets instead of pictures. The alphabets are also not really different from the standard alphabets. It somehow comprises slightly different lines and shapes. Making up different and artful types of graffiti alphabets can be really difficult especially for starter artists.

Graffiti Alphabets

Nonetheless, it is not impossible for composing your own styles and types of graffiti alphabets. Here are some basic styles you can either use for inspiration or develop into new types based on your creativity.
The most common type of graffiti alphabets is tag graffiti. Tags simply involve alphabet shapes mostly at all times. It is also simple and appropriate for graffiti artists who just started doing the art. Besides, this type typically uses one color only. Yet, the single color and common shape of alphabets can still represent extravagant work of graffiti making.

The graffiti artists usually exaggerate more on using one color for sharpening the alphabets lines and shapes than using different colors which might precisely lessen the artful taste due to wrong combinations. The next is bubble style which is very distinctive. The shapes used here are commonly rounded and bloated in order to represent bubbles.

Graffiti Artists

Lastly, it is wild type of graffiti alphabets which also are known as intricate form of graffiti. The style is rather more complicated than the standard tags, and so done only by advanced or professional graffiti artists. It also incorporate 3D dimension with interwoven and overlapping letters. The colors used are usually varied depending the artists’ taste and design of graffiti to make. This way, the first two styles are very appropriate for those trying to make up or develop their own types of graffiti alphabets. Both can be combined as well.

However, the last type of graffiti alphabets, in spite of its difficulty, is still possible to do. It is good for improving your skill later once you have experienced in making the most basic ones. So, what is there making you wait? Have a try and make up your creation.