Ideas for Light Graffiti Photography

In regards to finding ideas for light graffitiphotography, there are some options you can adapt or follow. Basically, light graffiti photography requires flashlights or LED lights and a good quality camera. The step is simply to draw pictures in front of the camera which the shutter is set up within certain time. The process, however, only works in dark setting where the light sources can brightly glow. Although there are too few graffiti artists working on this project, there are still some basic ideas for light graffiti photography making you can follow.
Light Graffiti Photography

Light Sketchpad. Technically, the light works as the pen and the sketchpad is the air for drawing graffiti. This is often referred as a drawing exercise on the air which, later, can be printed as well. The styles are mainly artful abstracts, collaborate several features of nature or life. For more inspiration, take a look at Pablo Picassa photograph created by Gjon Mili in 1949.

Words in the Air. This is a basic experiment of light graffiti art by drawing words with light in the air. This is popular for quite some times since it is widely used to send romantic message to lovers or to send motivational message to friends or family. This idea for light graffiti making is getting popular amongst many people and also considered a new way to express your thought or feelings.

Relevant Reflections. This is included as highly advanced ideas for light graffiti photography. It incorporates the light graffiti into the entire photographic content. The reflections are commonly used to outline the object or to emphasize certain objects by adding more relevant settings, like adding ghosts for a scary graffiti theme, or love symbols for highlighting romantic graffiti, or else. However, relevant reflection ideas for light graffiti mainly use technology, living enlightenment, or other similar concepts.

Eye Candy. It involves various colors and textures of light sources in order to make something eye catchy. It also features sharper lines and colorful touch. The idea for light graffiti photography here basically adapts outstanding look of fireworks.

Light Graffiti Photography

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