How to Draw Graffiti?

In spite of contras coming from various parties saying that graffiti is not an art but only a strong vandalism, creating graffiti still takes artistic talents. This art has been around people’s life even since the period of ancient Greek.
Graffiti Art

Also, drawinggraffiti still contributes certain importance which cannot merely be regarded as an act of crime although the action is mostly done in public places and transportation. In order to appreciate a form of art, there is a saying that you need to get the sense of how to achieve such artistic work like graffiti. Therefore, here are some tips, especially for amateurs, regarding how to draw graffiti easily.

Graffiti Art Wallpaper

At the first place, you ought to prepare some tools, such as pencil, paper, erasers, colorings, and other things you might need. Then, decide a name, a tag, or a word to begin drawing your graffiti. Draft it out on a piece of paper or on a sketchbook.

Graffiti Hip Hop

Sketch the lines and shapes in order to form letters. Add specific styles to make the lettering sharp and rounded because the sharp rounded letters are considerably easy to distinguish and read. Besides, you can also develop your graffiti style by mixing it up with your personal style, so that can really reflect your personality, taste, and interest. The next way is to sharpen and also strengthen the outlines. You can apply various outlining styles like thin or thick. This will give a 3D illusion to the letter you make. Add details to perfect the letters.

Graffiti Wallpaper

Yet, ensure you do not exaggerate the drawing since it precisely just lessens the natural artful impression of a graffiti work. Then, make the outlines bold by using black markers, pen, paint, colored pencils, or other coloring tools. Work carefully since small mistakes in graffiti can actually ruin the entire look of graffiti itself. Lastly, how to draw the graffiti with more distinctive features? Add textures to the letters, make them colorful, and also spray your drawing with aerosol-spray paint to make the colors blended well and smooth.