Graffiti Art – From Start to Act

Many parties refer graffiti to a strong form of art expression. It involves painting of some things which, mostly, are not supposed to paint, like walls, billboards, and even vehicles. People might refer it more to be a vandal art, rather than a real art to express one’s creativity. Historically, it was indeed no art, but only a mark.

The graffiti comes from ancient Greece. It was to advertise a prostitution act. Also, it was also simply for alerting people towards the presence of illegal activity. In some cases as well, the graffiti was put on holy places, intended for marking religious symbol. In war periods, the graffiti might contain message for invaders or secret agents. The colors and letters put on graffiti drawing, at that time, secretly implied certain meanings. Besides, this graffiti doing had also spread onto Romans and Egyptians culture as many of them performed the graffiti on monoliths, tombs, and many constructions.

Graffiti Arts

Despite the original place in which the graffiti was originated, the United States is mostly thought to be the homeland of graffiti. The graffiti art started in New York City in 1970s and then gradually spread from that very place. Furthermore, there has been growing many talented artists in making graffiti. In the late 1990s, the graffiti even has been widely practice on walls and some other places specially made for it.

Graffiti Art Wallpaper

This proves graffiti has currently become a real form of art which is no longer used for marking certain importance. It then continues up to nowadays era as how armies paint the walls or places they are occupying. Modern usage of the graffiti is intended to be a mark or expression of certain political importance, religious and also cultural marks. In regards to the graffiti’s styles and elements, the old graffiti making did not involve too many colors and only consist of simple lines or shapes. Yet, the modern graffiti as currently applied incorporates many colors and various shapes which only make it less artful and is sometimes considered vandalism.