Finding Hard Time of Spraying Can Graffiti? Try This Out!

Graffiti art has been popular since the ancient Greek and Romans. It was beneficial for marking things or for cultural and religious importance. Furthermore, recently it has been widely acknowledged of a developed form of arts which also include photography technique known as light graffiti art. However, some consider graffiti is a strong vandal act since it involves such a reckless act, for example doing it on public walls, structures, and even transportation. In spite of these contras, many people are getting interested in learning this art. The basic technique involves drawing skill and requires some coloring tools. In most practices, graffiti uses spray paint and markers. However, some might find hard time during spraying can graffiti since spray paint is a permanent marker which may ruin the entire graffiti once you do mistakes.

Graffiti Wall Art


In order to better your skill in spraying can graffiti, here are some methods you can practice. Firstly, you need to indeed prepare colored spray paint in any colors you desire. Then, sketch a name or word you are going to draw as graffiti. You can do it directly on the walls, if you are confident enough, or on your sketchbook. For primary practice, you can try with letters having spaces between them. This way, you can train your precision of spraying can graffiti within easy level. Once you find your spraying result neat, select a style and develop your graffiti. Probably, you can add more features like sharper lines or overlapping letters with different colors. Prior to spraying can graffiti on that graffiti, outline the letters first so that will let you know the boundary of each letter. Start coloring. Additionally, try to have more variations like making shades or thick-thin colors. This will train your control skill in spraying can graffiti. Practice and practice again until you find your work neat and your skill of spraying feels natural and smooth. Now, improve your skill based on these bases and with a lot of practices.