Creating Light Graffiti Photography

Creating lightgraffiti photography is included within an art of photography which involves digital photography knowledge and skills. The light source is only visible on the picture made. Technically, creating light graffiti photography requires basic skills and camera knowledge. Also, it is possible to use any kinds of digital camera.

Graffiti Photography

Easy Steps of Creating Light Graffiti Photography

Things you will need for creating light graffiti photography include digital camera equipped with shutter speed control, light sources which are actually the drawing tools of light graffiti making, and tripod. Firstly, you need to control the shutter speed of the camera. Learn how the speed control works and whether the speed functions can be readily accessible. Then, decide the light sources, such as LED lights, glow sticks, flashlights, and other glowing light sources. Also, try to find different sources in order to produce different glows and create magnificent photos. To create better photos, you can also create streaked or scratched lights either the thick or the normal ones. Thick streaks will make thick lines, and the normal streaks which will produce normal lines of photos.

Light Graffiti Photography
Light Graffiti Photography

The next step for creating light graffiti photography is to set up the camera. Find the best setting you think appropriate to draw pictures. Place the tripod and the camera facing the direction of the area you want to create the light graffiti. Set the shutter speed within a low setting and then capture the image. While taking the picture, try to figure out how long you have to draw the graffiti in front of the camera by using the light sources. The longer the camera takes the picture, then the longer time you have for drawing or writing the graffiti. Obviously, advanced graffiti artists are the most appropriate for this art since it requires quick drawing which is only in seconds. Besides, the quick drawing also determines the magnification of pictures produced. Despite the skills needed for creating light graffiti photography is not as simple as the tools needed, it is still not impossible for you to give it a try.

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