Graffiti Art History

As many parties claim that graffiti belongs to vandalism, it is mostly not seen as a part of art. Historically, the oldest version of graffiti which came from the Ancient Greece was basically used for making signs on tombs, monolith, and other important construction at that time. Then, during the period of war, graffiti also took another role that was for carving signs or warning.

Going through many years, graffiti grows to be a modern way to express opinion, thought, or protest. It firstly began in New York City in around 1970s. Many graffiti artist were coming from here, which then makes the city known as the home of graffiti art. Also, Brazilians, in particular, present several great artists.

Regardless how people see it, the graffiti art now has been blending into popular culture and mainstream usage. It is highly linked to hip hop styles. As it is now more exposed, graffiti is no longer regarded to be vandalism in any case. Instead, it serves an artistic value as it is possible to be applied in many helpful and positive forms, like graffiti on tags, graffiti on fashion, etc.